On the plane

Published on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

On the plane

Published on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

I'm on the plane on my way home to Ireland after Christmas holidays with the family in Belgium.

Mystic Buddha Bar tunes reverberate through my earphones.

Rising above the clouds these sounds and bass bring me closer to the Gods

From high altitudes one can overlook his tiny, meaningless life.

I contemplate life, is this it?

Being born in innocent joy, discovering every detail of this new life.

Slowly getting introduced to the Ego of desire, fear, greed, all-about-you robot life.

Spending years on boring school benches, taking on mind-numbing jobs to make a living so we can buy stuff that bring us shots of happiness.

Dragging from one shot to another, as zombies we saunter through this illusion.

And if we worked hard enough and saved some money, we are finally rewarded with pension, hardly able to enjoy as our bodies are broken of labour.

And with the hard-earned savings we rent a luxury five-star room in the nursing home, reminiscing of what-could-have-been, waiting for years until the heart stops.

Is this yours? It sure ain't mine 😉

Cheerio 😊